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A diagnostic image (e.g. CT, MRI, X-Ray) feasible for the prescription of radiation oncology is used to prepare the treatment.

Treatment Planning: Software System

Tumor delineation and 3D conformal treatment planning is done in any present treatment planning system (TPS) with DICOM RT output. The individual shape for each field is transferred to the milling machine.

Treatment Planning: Digitizer

Manual tumor delineation with a digitizer or by scanning a drawing is transferred as individual field shapes to the milling machine.

Field preparation

An integrated software automatically transfers the individual field shape to the computer controlled milling machine (CNC). The CNC machine then quickly creates a PMMA field template from a raw plate. This template is mounted on a pin-indexed and pre-coded template holder to assure a correct & safe treatment.


With the patient in position and the CobraLeaf® mounted in the tray holder, a quick & easy three step procedure for irradiation is followed:

  • Open Leaves (Cordless Screwdriver)
  • Insert template holder (1-click system)
  • Close Leaves (Pneumatics)